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Indus Core Education Foundation is a non profit organization that helps India’s educational and professional wealth to address their challenges by providing them with access to technology, investors, mentorship, government agencies, local partners and business development support.


Our mission is to adopt a passion and committement for constantly empowering people, especially students,faculties and information-dark communities, with the power of information and knowledge using digital interventions and ICT tools.


Vision of Indus Core Education Foundation is to work as a catalyst in bringing sustainable change in the lives of underprivileged children, youth and women, with a life-cycle approach of development. Enable the students and professional to improve their employability by empowering them with the digital tools and technology

Pune-based Indus Core Education was started out of the deep understanding that the state of the education in India is not producing enough skilled workforce and that too in Digital Education.

Another vision is that communities living in socio-economic backwardness and information poverty can be empowered to improve their lives on their own, simply by providing them access to information and knowledge on using digital tools.

Indus Core Education Foundation was registered as a not-for-profit organisation under Section 25 of the Company Act 2013, to carry out this mission of empowering student and professional digitally.

Indus Core Education Foundation has adopted a multi-stakeholder and multi-dimensional approach based on establishing community-owned and community-managed digital infrastructure and Internet access points in rural and semi-urban areas which operate in such a way that the entire community can avail the benefits of access to the Internet and the global information highway.

This is done not only by establishing common Internet access points with all basic digital infrastructure such as computers, laptops, tablets, printers, photo printers, scanners, web cameras, etc. but also by spreading digital literacy among the masses either free of cost or at very affordable prices.

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Indus Core Education is to help Education Innovator in India overcome barriers to scale and achieve greater impact at the Bottom of the Pyramid.

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